Acción en la Graciosa Echo-system

La Graciosa / Canary Islands / Spain

Academic Work / Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / 2009

The island of La Graciosa is a territory of interest as ecotone, a space of transition and interference among three ecosystems: the natural park, the marine reserve and the employment; in which relations of association, competence and throphic are established, which leads to instability.

The project consists in a system to dynamize the relationships of the ecotone through the employment, so as to indirectly control and manage the other two ecosystems: the echo-system. A new activity is introduced in order to intervene: research, which will control and manage convenient actions over the rest of activities.

The pensioners used to illegally fish as predators for the employment and the marine reserve. They will now retake their ability to knit hats, and they will knit nest and sock buildings as research centres! Moreover, the fishing and the touristic sector will merge to take visitors in their boats. They will emotionally bind them to the environment, to make them suffer from the Stockholm syndrome!

A chain of research centres (nest, sock and chrysalis types) will control and manage the stability of the natural park and marine reserve through actions on the employment!

by Carles Sala