b[aa]topus Prosthetic Outfit

Architectural Association / AA School / London

AA DRL Fashion Design Workshop / 2011

This research was conducted as a fashion design oriented project to be able to connect the outfit to the human body. The costume was considered as a prosthesis of the body, as a human enhancement controlled by the user.
Some new kinds of responsive tentacular limbs were embedded into the design, which could adapt and embrace the user according to their reaction over the environment. Feelings such as heat and cold or solar overexposure were translated into kinetic responses of the outfit in real time, so as to bring confort to the user.
The outfit considered linear patterns of components to achieve proficiency in its performance. These components were designed in terms of geometrical definition to control the degrees of freedom, as well as its material prototyping was defined in accordance to thermal comfort and feasibility to be worn.

by Carles Sala, Vishu Booshan, Maricruz Miranda and Bridget Munro