telekinesis Emotional Kinematics

Architectural Association / AA School / London

AA DRL Research / 2012

This is an exploration on kinematics, aimed to adapt geometrical structural enclosures in real time, according to the user’s will. Therefore, a mind weave reader was considered as a prosthetic device for the user at two levels. The first one as a mean for conscious control over the geometry, and the second one as a reader for any unconscious needs of the user.
As a result, these kinematic structures became a prosthetic extension of the human body. The desire and the emotions of the user were directed as a worth input for optimization of the enclosed spaces, as a prosthesis rather than as an interface itself, to adapt the space to the human needs.
The research looked at both kinematic geometries and patterns, as well as at self assembling systems to achieve an optimal resolution.

by SPOON BENDERS / Carles Sala, Melika Aljukic, Margarita De Bruijn and Sreerag Palangat Veetil