caleidoscope campsite

Bruguers / Barcelona / Spain

Academic work / Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona / 2005

This location is the point of departure of the GR 92 forest track: it is necessary a rest and leisure place for adults, but especially for children who come along to camp and spend some time. Here, trekkers start their excursion, thus, the project appears as a bypass in the path. The dorm area, consisting of three modules, takes comfort in the mountain’s southern slope, and is conceived as a shortcut for hikers.

Besides this, the daytime stretch connects the point of departure and the playground, in a lower level, which includes the leisure common spaces (ateliers, dining room, meeting point, etc.).

The space shows the views and mixes them, by setting several openings in the façade and the roof, performing a caleidoscope. The remnants of the surrounding become part of the interior of the module: a bit of sea in the south, some pieces of castle in the northwest, fragments of church in the north, bright spots from the city in the east and a starry zenith above envelope the space in random mode.

by Carles Sala