hot spot Wine Promotion Centre

Bràfim / Tarragona / Spain

Private Competition / 2010

Hot Spot is a wine promotion centre that, starting from the old cottage of Cal Garriga, must work as a cultural centre, around the culture of the wine, the artisan products and the gastronomy. The project comes out from the idea of a chair, an iconographic element that needs a person, but also an event. A chair involves individuality and grouping, and according to its disposal in a space it expresses gathering, dialogue, opinion, participation, attention, society, rest, comfort, sincerity, knowledge, occupation, relationship, audience, protagonist, meal, game and a lot of other individual and situational concepts. Therefore, the events happen along a path, following an illuminated tube that accompany the visitors and order the different spaces. Besides, a superimposed topography connects the access with the garden through a pavement made of asphalt and local herbs, which varies in section to close spaces and organize them with sufficient flexibility so as to accommodate events. The coexistence of the different actions, as well as the independence among the spaces for visitors and those for vehicles is guaranteed thanks to a geometric consideration in plan view and section, which controls the acoustic and visual connections.

by SALA FERUSIC / Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic