nau b Ballet and Concert Hall

Granollers / Barcelona / Spain

Public Competition / 2008

NauB is located in the former industrial area ‘Fàbrica de les Arts Roca-Umbert’, between a big new square and a passage, that separates it from the adjacent building. It is a must to enhance the functional, visual programmatic relationship of this building to the square, which appears as an outdoor extension of the Concert Hall. This building works in an urban scale, while it is integrated in the functional Roca-Umbert Arts Centre thanks to the backdoor passage, which becomes the entrance for the staff and the artists. The response to the square is formalized with a new volume made of glass that works as a canopy, while it contains the communication core and the most representative areas, as well as it becomes a landmark in the public space, especially at night, when it is illuminated. Both, the Concert Hall and the Ballet School, are designed separately from the structure as exempt boxes in flexible supports, so that they do not become acoustically incompatible.

by SALA FERUSIC / Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic