Penguin at work Articfilms office

Barcelona / Spain

Interior Design / 2004

Penguin at work is a project of interior design for the communication and video and cinema producer Articfilms, where the space has been designed with regard to the arctic, with elements in black and white and Nordic pine wood.

The access consists of a superimposed system of two big doors, one made of steel, and the other one made of glass. The first one is meant to work as a protection against vandals, and during the day it is set open so that it works as a banner, in which a text in vinyl talks about the firm. The second one is a simply glass door to guarantee the closure and visually relates the interior and the exterior: the steel door, when open, has continuity in a wooden board in the interior, on which a picture of the arctic has been applied.

Inside, the white and glossy continuous paving, makes the office become an ice rink for penguins at work!

by Carles Sala