Skola Sip High and Middle School

Sip / Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public Competition / 2009

The building is located in a steep plot on top of the Sip Hill in Sarajevo. A complex and exaggerated urban and topographic context becomes the right excuse to generate this building and to dynamize the sequence of uses.

Thus, the building grows like a spiral on the slope of the hill, from the level +590 to +620, so that there is a double access in two different levels and a green roof works as a playground in extension of the adjacent park. The school surrounds the sports pavilion, the core of the project: a skylight in daytime and a lamp in night time.

The three-storey building organizes the public space and the double access, to minimize its height. The classrooms are set out in the perimeter, while the common areas appear in the space left, which is illuminated by the sports pavilion that acts as a skylight. The teachers’ offices and the service rooms are considered as a filter between both, the common areas and the classrooms.

by SALA FERUSIC / Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic