UB Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona / Spain

Summer Workshop / 2013

Wine culture, closely linked to the Catalan Countries, part of the senses and covers areas as diverse as wine, art, technology and architecture and landscape. Through form and meaning becomes our eyes and our perception of the landscape, the words ...
In the beginning, the cyclic work in the vineyard. Cyclical time is the basis of memory and learning through repetition and experimentation. An accurate knowledge of the cycles of nature and a need to keep our feet on the ground and get dirty hands. Every vintage is different and each wine expresses a part of this vintage and work in the vineyard and winery. In the end, the product quality, consumer experience and what we now call "sensory landscapes."
The best way to enter the world of wine is the way. We therefore propose an interdisciplinary course which involved all five senses: perception, hearing, taste, smell and touch, which make it possible to approach the experienced or dreamed spaces from different fields to identify with his native land, or visit elected and recalled its smells, flavors in memory, noise, landscape ...
The perception of the senses, the assessment of the qualities that these perceptions may have and may cause feelings were coming slowly in all areas of creating formal and plastic. Popping the so-called "culture of wine."
Wine, other beverages, born to meet needs and accompany food, but increasingly eat and enjoy a drink artistic consideration. As in the case of perfumes, food and landscapes make a leap from the functional to the creation; economic production of artistic production. And in the process what we receive through the senses plays a key role.
For this reason the course of this year we wanted to: (1) search paradigmatic examples from the fields of art and culture that enable a new approach to land and heritage. (2) provide the basis for an analysis and reflection on the production for the senses with artistic or aesthetic concerns. (3) introduce the ability to recreate the space and culture through the senses fully reaching concept artwork. (4) Relate the care of the senses with the different types of thought: scientific, ethical and artistic.
Revalued as it interacts with a particular vision of the territory of the wineries architecture, with product ranges and with wine tourism projects to see which products are consumed and in what sectors capture the added value we give to certain pleasures ... As always, with theoretical and practical sessions, with views of those who live this experience every day.

Tutors / Carles Sala, Montserrat Comas, Pere Sans and Núria Ruiz.