sutura Landscape and urbanity

Davos / Switzerland

POLE EUROPE 2K'6 / University of Applied Sciences Aargau / 2009

Davos is a linear city that follows the direction of the valley, and consequently the river, the train and the road. This fact paradoxically results into a better communication along the longitudinal direction rather than the transversal, as infrastructure shortens distances while causes, in this case, a great transversal division. As a result, traffic congestions as it does not have any chance to spread over the city, especially in winter, when skiers come along.

The project works as a suture, as it sews transversally the city, from the Promenade and across the riverside. It brings east and west into contact literally, merging urbanity with natural landscape, by a strategy of functional stripes that organize the space into dwellings, green areas and a big square that pacifies traffic, connected through a short subway.

Underneath the square, there is a space developed from the idea of a moebius band, which comes from the direction of the stripes, and that is meant to be used as a parking lot in winter while it becomes a cultural and arts center in summertime.

On top, the square acts as an intermodal space, as it contains a big station for charter buses and several bus stops for regular lines; and is used as a public space for the Parsenn funiculare station that takes skiers to the ski station.

by Carles Sala